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  • Custom payment types
    This video will demo: - How to set up custom payment types - Examples of what custom payments are used for: In-Kind Donations, Payments Collected Outside VBO, Goldstar, Groupon, Etc. - Where custom payments
  • Payment Security Settings
    Max Requests per IP-Address:  Sets the transaction payment request frequency as to when to block online transactions from the exact same IP-Address over a 30-day time frame. 
  • How to set up auto payment notifications
    This article will cover: - turning on auto-pay notifications - setting up payment failure notifications  This is used for promoters using recurring payments on pledges or memberships.
  • Recurring Payments for Pledges and Memberships
    This video will demo: - Enabling or enforcing a card to be saved in the payment gateway settings - Turning on auto-payment notifications - Setting up a pledge - Managing auto-payments in CRM > AUTO-PAYMENTS
  • Setting batch time for payment gateway
    This video will demo how to set batch times in VBO to match your payment gateway batch time.
  • Pay By Check Payments
    This help doc will cover: - how to accept check payments in the box office/phone sales tabs (on by default). - how to enable pay by check for online transactions (off by default). - how to turn on pay
  • Using Placeholders In Templates
    refund transaction {RECEIPTID} Numeric id of either the sales or refund transaction {RECEIPTPREFIX} Prefix of the transaction {ORDERIDALT} Alternative id of the order {ORDERIDPARENT} Numeric id of the parent
  • Add / Update credit card for VBO Invoices
    To update your credit card on file go to SET UP > PROFILE > PAYMENT SETTINGS and update your credit card. 1. Click Set Up. 2. Click Profile 3. Click Payment Settings 4.
  • Redeem Gift Cards
    ONLINE To redeem a gift card online, the patron enters the card on the final payment screen.
  • Printers, Scanners, and Credit Card Units
    Credit Card Readers: VBO Pay (powered by 360 Payments) is an integrated PCI Compliant Chip-PIN POS solution to process credit card transactions through your Box Office or via the VBO Mobile App.
  • Pay Pal Express Checkout
    In addition to the main payment gateway enabled on an account like Stripe, Pay Pal Payflow Pro, or - Pay Pal Express Checkout can be enabled.
  • Account Credit
    If an order is refunded to account credit, the only way to refund back to the user's credit card (if they originally paid with a credit card for example) is directly from the payment gateway, or by refunding
  • PCI Compliance
    VBO Tickets is PCI (payment card industry) compliant with va lidated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) and meets the Data Security Standards set by the Payment Card Industry (PCI DSS). 
  • Pending Sales / balance due / deposits
    .) - Paying the balance in the box office or by sending a message to the customer Notes On Cancelling and Refunding Balance Due Orders If a partial payment is made on an order canceling will refund the
  • Ways to provide messages to your patrons
    Checkout Payment Message - displays on the payment screen before payment. Thank You Message - Displays in a highligted box at the top of the confimration page. Overrides the default "Thank You!
  • How to put customer names on tickets
    Info can be collected pre or post-payment. If Pre payment is selected, info is requeired. If post payment is selected, the info is optional.
  • Credit cards are not processing, why?
    Contact VBO or Payment Gateway.
  • Order Processing Fee
    NOTE - Fee Limitation This fee type can only charge by purchase location and not by payment type .
  • Pre- Authorization for
    To enable on the global level - go to SET UP > PROFILE > PAYMENT SETTINGS and click on the payment gateway name to open the menu. Activate pre-authorization. 
  • Chip + Pin Credit Card Processing
    Chip + Pin Credit Card Readers: VBO Pay (powered by 360 Payments) is an integrated PCI Compliant Chip-PIN POS solution to process credit card transactions through your Box Office or via the VBO Mobile
  • Custom sales report
    Common outputs are things like: Item Name, Qty, Price, Total, or payment methods like Cash, Credit Card, Check, etc. Step 2: Set any filter options you would like to narrown down the report. 
  • Plastic Gift Cards
    Just type in the gift card number to redeem on the final payment screen in the box office. For swiping gift cards: a USB magnetic card reader would be needed to plug into the computer for swiping.
  • Reconcile credit card transactions with
    To reconcile your credit cards with your payment gateway, you would use the reconciliation report under REPORTS > OTHER REPORTS > RECONCILIATION REPORT.
  • Exchange Tickets
    . ** NOTE: Some payment gateways (for example do not support same-day partial refunds.
  • Reports: Top 9 reports used in VBO Tickets
    Reconciliation Report - this report will help you reconcile credit card transactions processed through your payment gateway (Pay Pal,, Stripe, etc.).