This tutorial will demo how to use an Android device as a main server for when you're in an area with no internet connection, but you have a WIFI network and need to enable scanning using the Mobile Event Manager app.

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This process involves making an Android device the "host" server, and then other scanners can communicate with the host Android device to scan.

NOTE: The host device needs to press "download data" when connected to the internet before the other scanners begin to scan offline.  At the end of the event, the host device needs to press "upload data" when connected to the internet again.

Step 1: All devices connect to the WIFI network.

Step 2: All devices select the event and event date.

Step 3: One Android device goes to the set up tab and selects "Local" under scanning options. A Server IP address will display. This device is now the Host device. The host device presses "download data" to load the ticket info.   

Step 4: The other scanners go to the set up tab and select "Local" under scanning options.  These devices need to enter the server IP address from the Host device. These scanners are now "Client" scanners.   

Step 5. Once connected, the "Client" scanners are ready to scan.  

Step 6. When the event is over, the Host device presses "upload data" once connected to the internet again to give VBO the ticket scan info.