PLEASE NOTE - This is NOT a standard scanning setup. This process is used in situations where you have no internet connection and need to scan tickets. This process involves downloading the barcodes to the app before the event (and when connected to the internet) and then uploading the scanned bar codes after the event (when connected to the internet). 

For an overview of using the Mobile Event Manager app and how to scan tickets click here - How to use the Event Manager App

NOTE: The video below uses an old app as an example. Please download the Mobile Event Manager App This is the latest app available.

Below are the steps on how to use the offline scanning function.

  • When connected to the internet, load the Event Manager app on your IOS or Android device and select the event date you need to scan.  
  • After you have selected the event date in the app, go to SETUP and under "scanner setup" click "offline."
  • Click "download data" to download the barcodes to that device.  
  • Once the app is in offline mode you can begin to scan tickets to that event date offline. 
  • After the event is over and when you've connected to the internet again, go to SETUP on the app and press "upload data" to sync the barcodes you have scanned offline.