Below are the VBO subscription packages so you can think about which ones you might want to set up/offer for your organization.

Subscription Types: 

Flex Pass - Block of tickets (usually at a discounted price). The customer can use all the passes at once or use them for different shows.  

Flex Pass Set Up Demo
Standard Subscription - Customer buys a subscription, they get a subscription code, and then they use that code to make reservations online or at the box office. 

Standard Subscription Set Up Demo
Theatre Subscription - Customer buys a subscription (either online or at the box office), the theatre then issues the tickets at a later time or directly after the sale.  In this package type, the box office (you) are responsible for assigning the seats (which gives you control of where you put guests on the seating chart).  The theatre subscription is for assigned seating venues.  

How to set up a theatre subscription and issue tickets
Pick A Show - Set a minimum number of shows required to get a % off tickets.  Example: SAVE 20% on tickets when you come to 3 or more shows in the season. The customer selects the shows, dates, and tickets all at once and then gets the discount on the final checkout page.

Pick-A-Show by event subscription setup
Membership - 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, or 1 year. membership. The customer buys a membership and can come every day or once per event (think museum membership or gym membership with this subscription type). 

How to set up a membership

Patron Subscription (also referred to as Online Theatre Subscription) - Promoter sets up specific dates that are included in the subscription. The customer then purchases the subscription and is issued tickets to those specific dates. If all events are assigned seating, the user would sit in the same seat for all events. 

Example: A Friday night subscription might include tickets to shows 1, 2, and 3 on specific Friday night dates (date 1, date 2, and date 3) and sit is seat A, 14 for all 3 shows. 

Online/Patron Theatre Subscription Set Up Demo