Patron Subscription (also referred to as Online Theatre Subscription) - Promoter sets up specific dates that are included in the subscription. The customer then purchases the subscription and is issued tickets to those specific dates. If all events are assigned seating, the user would sit in the same seat for all events. 

This article contains demos for both assigned seating and general admission subscription setups. 

Each video will demo:
- Selling subscription in the box office
- Selling subscriptions online
- Setting up subscription season
- Setting up subscription
- Testing subscription after building

Each video has the sections above set as chapters. Hover over the timing bar in the video to skip to a specific topic you'd like to see.

Here is a help doc on setting up preferred seating: How to set preferred seating

NOTE: For general admission patron subscriptions - ticket names MUST match across all events and the subscription ticket name MUST match the ticket names on the events. Example: Adult

There are TWO videos below. Video one will demo how to this subscription type for assigned seating events and how to set up and use "price groups."  Video two will demo this subscription type for general admission events.