This help doc will cover the gift option for subscriptions or memberships. 

*Note: When gifting a subscription or membership, there can only be ONE recipient per order. Additional transactions would be required if the patron is buying for multiple people or for themselves. 

Video Recap:


Here, there will be a checkbox labeled "Enable Gift Option". Select the checkbox to turn this feature on. 

In the field titled "Gift Email Message", enter a message that you would like the gift receiver to see upon receiving the gift.

Example gift message:

You've received a gift subscription!


{GIVERFIRSTNAME} {GIVERLASTNAME} has just given you a subscription to Example Demo Theatre.

To use your subscription, copy and paste the link below into your web browser and find your code in large letters on the upper right corner of the subscription page. This is the code you'll use at checkout when booking online.


Once these settings are inputted, select SAVE

A subscription can be gifted both in an online purchase and at the box office. 


Once the setting is enabled, a customer will see a button when purchasing subscriptions or memberships online that looks like this:

Image Placeholder

In the checkout screen under make this a gift, the customer can fill in information that pertains to the gift receiver, including contact information for electronic delivery of the subscripton. A copy of the subscription can be sent to the recipent. 

Box Office:

To gift a subscription or membership in the box office, begin by going through the normal purchasing process of a subscription or a membership. On the checkout screen, before processing the order, open the tab that says Shipping / Ticket Holder Information. Within this tab, select the button that looks like this:

Image Placeholder

Here, you can enter in the information of the gift receiver.

If you would like the gift receiver to be notified of the gift subscription this is done after the purchase. By default, gift subscriptions are not sent to the recipent of the subscription in case delivery is not indended at the time of the purchase.

After the purcahse, click "send email" and there is an option to send a copy of the subscription to the recipent.