This help doc will cover down-exchanging a standard subscription, flex pass subscription, or traditional theatre subscription.

This process would only be used if a promoter wanted to adjust the dollar value of the subscription order in cases where these subscription types are used - since the ticket value on these subscription types is $0.00  

Note - This process would not be used if just you're just trying to exchange tickets within an order. 

For info on exchanging tickets, refer to this help doc: Exchange Tickets

Note - this refund method should only be used for the flex pass, standard, or traditional theatre subscription types. If you are using the online theatre subscription (patron subscription) refer to this help doc on refunding a ticket from that subscription type: Partial Refunds For Patron Subscription Ticket

Down Exchanging Flex Pass, Standard, or Traditional Theatre Subscriptions

  • Step 1 - exchange the subscription order (the order with the value on it) for the same subscription and adjust the price "down." Select the preferred refund method (cash, card, donation, etc.)
  • Step 2 - cancel the subscription ticket on the event date (if needed).
Video Demos:

Standard Subscription or Traditional Theatre Subscription Down Exchange. The demo will show the standard subscription, but the process (idea) is the same for a theatre subscription:  Demo

Flex Pass Down Exchange: Demo