This article will cover:

- turning on auto-pay notifications
- setting up payment failure notifications

This is used for promoters using recurring payments on pledges or memberships. For more info on recurring payments, please refer to this help doc first:

What happens if an auto-payment is declined?

The system will attempt the transaction a total of 3 times (once a week for 3 weeks). The user will be notified each time their card fails to process (once a week for 3 weeks). After the 3rd failed attempt (week 3), the auto-payment is automatically closed and the user will receive your 3rd failed notification message.

If a card is declined, it will display Error 1 on the 1st attempt, Error 2 on the second failed attempt, and Error 3 on the third failed attempt. If an error code shows, you can not try to process the card again for 24 hours. You would either try again to manually process the card in 24 hours or the system will automatically attempt to charge the card again in a week when the next script runs.

The auto-payment will automatically cancel after the 3rd failed attempt. 

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