This help doc will cover how to reset passwords for patrons as well as for promoter profiles.

Resetting Patron's Passwords:
  • To request a password reset email, patrons can click the "I don't know my password" button from the SIGN IN button on the top of the plugin page or from a My Account plugin. 
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  • If needed, a promoter can manually change the password on behalf of the patron directly from the patron's CRM profile inside VBO. After the change is made from the promoter's side, the patron can sign in and update the temporary password given to them by the promoter. 
Video Demo: Click Here

Resetting Promoter Profiles:
If you're having trouble accessing your VBO account an error message will display at the top of the page.

You can regain access to your account by clicking the "forgot your password" option, which will display when an incorrect password or username was entered.

Click "Forgot your password?" and enter your user name on the following screen and an email will be sent to reset the password. 

Note - the forgot your password option will only display when the input was entered incorrectly. So if it is not showing, just enter the password incorrectly and the option will display again. Pics below. 

If you are a promoter and need help with resetting two-factor authentication, refer to this help doc: Reset 2-way authentication for a user

Click on the email and update the password for the promoter account. 

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An admin on the promoter account can also help a promoter user with password reset. Go to SET UP > MORE > USERS and click the send password reset email for the profile. 

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