This help doc / video demo will give an overview of the custom sales report in VBO. It shows the basic functions of the GL and the standard options within this report.

To get to the Custom Sales Report area, go to REPORTS > CUSTOM SALES REPORT. 

How to build a report: 

Step 1: Select the column outputs you would like to see in the report.

Common outputs are things like: Item Name, Qty, Price, Total, or payment methods like Cash, Credit Card, Check, etc. 
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Step 2: Set any filter options you would like to narrown down the report.

Common filter options are things like: transaction date range, event date range, item type, or narrowing the report down to a specific event or item type. 

The example picture below is filtering "donations" for "this month." 

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Step 3: Name the report on the bottom of the page, press SAVE, or SAVE + RUN.
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Report Sharing: Want to share the report you create with other users in your organization? No problem! Click here to learn how to share the reports you create: How to use the e-mail and sharing features in custom reports


Date Audited- This is the audit history of the sale or refund of the transaction. 
Date created- when the transaction/ order was created. 
Date Entered- This is the day that you rang in the transaction.