Tracking codes (pixels) can be added on a global level or per event level

Where to add tracking codes on a global level (used to track all events) - go to SET UP > EVENTS > EVENT SETTINGS and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and paste the code(s) under the "Tracking Codes" area.

Per Event Tracking Codes (used to track a specific event) - go to OPEN EVENTS and then select "edit event info" from the drop-down menu on the event you want to add the pixel to. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and add the code(s) under the "Tracking Codes" area.  Note - adding a tracking code on the event level will override any global tracking code(s). 


We now separate the tracking fields on the event level by Standard Tracking and Conversion Tracking.

Standard Tracking will load on all pages except the order confirmation. Use the large main field for all your standard Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook, or other codes that should load on all pages.

Conversion Tracking will load only on the order confirmation page. Be sure to add ALL the codes you require for tracking on this page, since the order confirmation page will not load any of the Standard Tracking codes.

An updated helpdoc on our new tracking codes will be here soon.