If a card fails to process this is usually due to 1 of 4 scenarios:  

1. The card was declined due to insufficient funds or another problem with the card. 

2. Card information was entered incorrectly. For example, the credit card number or the CVV code.

3. AVS (Address Verification Settings) declined due to mismatched billing information entered. Check your AVS settings with your credit card gateway. 

4. There is a problem with the gateway or VBO. When this happens, all transactions will fail and the error is repeatable. Contact VBO or Payment Gateway.

If you are processing box office transactions and are experiencing credit card failure, VBO will display the following card error codes:  

Error 2: This is a standard card error. This means the credit card was declined (insufficient funds, wrong zip code, wrong card code, etc.).

Error 3: This is a payment gateway error.  Contact VBO support to help identify the problem.

If you're encountering credit card processing problems, gather as much information as possible. Shareable examples are helpful for VBO to identify the reason for failure.

If most transactions are going through and only some transactions are failing, check your payment gateway account to determine the cause for the declined card.

If cards are not processing at all, contact VBO immediately so we can help identify the problem.