Reminder and thank you emails can be set up on a global and per event level. Here's how to set these up.

  • Set up the global reminder and thank you email under SET UP > EVENTS > EVENT SETTINGS and scroll to the "default messages" area. Use the place holders on the left side inside your email message. Save when complete.

  • NOTE - changes to the default message area do not change messages on events that have already been created.

  • After you have set up your default messages, turn on the reminder or thank you email on the event level by going to EVENTS > OPEN EVENTS and then selecting "marketing" from the drop down menu next to the event you want to modify.

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On the Marketing Tab, click Reminder 1, click enable, enter a subject line, create your message. Optional place holders are listed in blue. 

If using place holders, the place holder MUST be written exactly as shown. Example: {FIRSTNAME}

Select the hour before event (for reminder 1 or reminder 2) and then press SAVE when finished. 

NOTE: Reminder and Thank You emails fire X hours before or X hours after the START TIME set for the event.

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To view Send Stats, click the green "View Send Stats" button on the Reminder 1, 2, or Thank You area as shown below. This will show you if the email has been sent. 

NOTE: Once the reminder email has been sent it will not fire again. Patrons who purchase tickets after the reminder message has been sent will not receive a reminder email

NOTE: The email will fire if thank you emails are turned on and do not have a "sent" marker on the date. If an event is marked as closed, the email will fire as this is what normally happens when an event closes. If you mark an event as closed - the email will fire. If you mark the event as cancelled and let the system close the event on its own, it will keep the cancelled status and emails do not fire for cancelled events. 

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A check mark next to the date indicates the reminder has been sent.

If needed, you can click the checkmark and it will reset the send status and send again on the next script run. The send script for reminders and thank you emails fires every 15 minutes. 

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