This helpdoc will go over some of the common questions regarding the On Demand and Livestream features.

Common Questions: 

Q. How does VBO Tickets play a role in live streaming and video-on-demand?

A. VBO Tickets provides a gated experience for patrons. The media player is embedded into the event date area on the back end of VBO Tickets. A patron would buy a ticket to your live stream or pre-recorded video, click on the ticket, and then be brought to the media player showing the video or live stream.

A donation and live chat function is also available and can be turned on or off so users can donate or live chat during the live stream. 

Q. Does VBO Tickets host the video content or streaming content on their servers?

A. No. An external video hosting company of your choice would be used (Vimeo Live, Boxcast, Zoom, YouTube Live, IBM Cloud Video, etc.).

The video portion/streaming is handled by an external video hosting company. VBO Tickets is allowing access to the video or stream via a gated ticket.

*For private videos/streams, a video service that allows for private embedding (like Vimeo Live, Boxcast, IBM Video Streaming, etc. should be used. Free streaming services like YouTube Live can be used, but the media player itself is not private as YouTube Live has a share function on the media player. Paid video platforms like Vimeo Live and others support private embedding so users can't share the stream from the player directly.

Q. I'm new to live streaming - how do I get started?

A. The following article goes over how to live stream and provides info for users new to live streaming.
Click here to view the article and learn more: How to live stream

Q. What types of video events can I set up? What's the difference? 

A. Livestream events or videos on demand.

  • Live - Live video events are connected to a specific date and time. For example, you are doing a Livestream feed of performance on X date at X time. Users would "tune in" to watch the feed at the set date and time. 
  • On Demand (buy or 48-hour rental) - On-Demand events are pre-recorded videos you want the user to be able to buy or rent. The user can access the video via the order confirmation or inside their account.
If buy, access to the video is available as long as the player still links to the video. 

If rental, the rental does not begin until "watch now" is clicked on the ticket. Once "watch now" is clicked, the user will have 48 hours to watch the video.

NOTE: On-Demand is ONLY available in plugin 5.0. Contact support for more info on how to upgrade to plugin 5.0.
Q. I only see Youtube, Vimeo, and Zoom listed as the video platforms. I am using a different video platform, can I still use this feature?

A. As long as the platform supports embeddable media players, the player should be compatible. To test, select "Other" from the drop-down menu and input the embed code for the video player you are using.

Compare video platforms: More Info