This help doc will cover the On-Demand settings for video events. 

On-Demand (buy or 48-hour rental): These are pre-recorded videos you want the user to be able to buy or rent. The user can access the video via the order confirmation or inside their account.

Think of this feature as a video library that customers go to rent or buy your video content.

On-Demand videos will display in a special VIDEOS section on the plugin. 

NOTE: If your video is pre-recorded but has a "run" or "date" or "season" or "watch between date and date," or any other term involving a date - you should use the Livestream option and not this setting.

  • On-Demand Videos are "dateless" and will remain on sale despite sales date settings
  • On-Demand Videos can only have two prices (buy price | rent price).
To learn more about the videos feature, visit our Video Event FAQs or Livestream page

To set up a on demand video on the back end of VBO Tickets, you'll need to:

  • Set up the event
  • Under Manage Tickets, set the rent and/or buy price, and edit the tickets to make them "video vouchers" under the MORE OPTIONS area. 

    If buy, access to the video is available as long as the player still links to the video. 

    If rental, the rental does not begin until "watch now" is clicked on the ticket. Once "watch now" is clicked, the user will have 48 hours to watch the video.
  • Under Manager Event Dates - set the date to the On Demand, and input the streaming URL or embed code.
  • Do a test transaction to view the process from the patrons' view.
NOTE: On-Demand is ONLY available in plugin 5.0. Contact support for more info on how to upgrade to plugin 5.0