This help doc will cover the Livestream setup for video events. 

How it works:

  • The media player is embedded into the event date area on the back end of VBO Tickets. A patron would buy a ticket to the Livestream event or pre-recorded video, click on the ticket, and then be brought to the media player showing the pre-recorded video or livestream.
  • In this setup, video events are connected to a specific date and time. For example, you are doing a Livestream feed of the performance on X date at X time. Users would "tune in" to watch the feed at the set date and time. 
  • An optional donation and chat function are available so users can donate or live chat during the Livestream.
To set up the Livestream video on the back end of VBO Tickets, you'll need to:

  • Set up the event and set the date, description, graphic, etc. 
  • Under Manager Event Dates - select "edit video steam" from the gear next to the date and under "video type" set it to Livestreaming. A pre-recorded video can also be used in this setup (the event does not need to be an actual Livestream event). 
  • Input the video embed code and set the desired settings.
  • Under Manage Tickets, set the price of the ticket and edit the tickets to make them "video vouchers" under the MORE OPTIONS area. 
  • Do a test transaction to view the process from the patrons' perspective.

Instructions for special scenario: "View Between" Video SetUp: View Between Demo

Livestream Set Up Demo