Plastic Gift Cards involve ordering cards from an online vendor and then inputting the gift card number into VBO Tickets.

If you would like to sell plastic gift cards at your organization, determine how you would like to redeem the gift card for in-person transactions: keying in the gift card number or using a magnetic swiper.

For keying in gift cards - no equipment is needed. Just type in the gift card number to redeem on the final payment screen in the box office. 

For swiping gift cards:  a USB magnetic card reader would be needed to plug into the computer for swiping.

Ordering cards from print shops:

Cards can be purchased from any online vendor.

Example Vendors: 

Other Questions:

Q: How many digits are needed for the plastic cards?

A: This is up to your organization. We would recommend a minimum of 10 digits. 

Q: Is encoding on track 1, 2, or 3?

A: Review what the magnetic swiper reads to determine what track is supported. The example card swiper from above reads track 1, 2, and 3.

How is the start number picked for the card?

A: You can pick the start number or the number can be randomized. 

This video below will demo:

- Setting up a plastic gift card merchandise item
- Purchasing a gift card through the box office
- Activating the gift card
- Redeeming the gift card