This video will demo:
- Enabling or enforcing a card to be saved in the payment gateway settings
- Turning on auto-payment notifications
- Setting up a pledge
- Managing auto-payments in CRM > AUTO-PAYMENTS
- Setting up a pledge in the plugin
- Allowing auto-payments on memberships

View the image below the video to see the enable and enforce save card in the payment gateway settings

NOTE: In order to do recurring payments or save cards to profiles, this must be enabled on the payment gateway. 

For Pay Pal Pay Flow Pro Gateway Users: Reach out to Pay Pal and have them enable "reference transactions" on your Pay Pal Pay Pro Flow account.

For Gateway Users: Reach out to and enable "CIM" on the gateway. 

For Stripe Gateway Users: Card on file should work out without reaching out to Stripe. Review the info below on how to turn on Save Card on the VBO side. 

AFTER card on file functionality is enabled on your gateway, go to SETUP > PROFILE > PAYMENT SETTINGS in VBO and open the payment gateway you want to make adjustments to. Select either "enable save card" or "enforce save card."

Enable Save Card will give customers the option to save a card to their profile for normal transactions and will enforce save card for pledges or memberships that have recurring payments. This is the setting most used by VBO promoters. 

Enforce Save Card will force users to save cards for every online transaction. Only enable this if your organization wants to enforce save sard for every online transaction

Auto-Payment Failures
Once auto-payments are enabled the system will process the pledges or memberships based on their schedules. If an auto-payment fails to process, the system will try to process the card again the following week. If trying to manually process after a failed attempt - you need to wait 24 hours to process the auto-payment manually after a failed attempt by the system. The system will automatically try the card again once a week for 3 weeks and will cancel the auto-payment after the 3rd failed attempt. 

To choose to enable or enforce credit card information to be saved go to SETUP > PROFILE > PAYMENT SETTINGS and open the payment gateway you want to make adjustments to.
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