Every order is time-stamped, if a patron declares they have not received a ticket, refer to the order records and view if the patron has printed or received their ticket. You can also resend the order confirmation as needed. 

1. Begin with pulling up the event order and locating your customer. Use LOOK UP, EXCHANGES, AND REFUNDS tab in the BOX OFFICE or the ORDERS tab in the top right. 

2. Once you have located the customer, click on the field which belongs to him/her. This will cause a drop down to occur with information regarding the status of the ticket.

2A. You can also view if confirmation was sent by clicking the gear on the order and selecting "edit order info." A notification will display on the top of the screen. 

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3. You can resend the order confirmation by clicking the gear on the top right (shown above) and selecting "email confirmation" from the drop down menu.