This tutorial will demo how to exchange tickets. Exchanges are used when the patron is still coming to the event, but the order needs to be adjusted. 

Exchanges should not be used if you are simply trying to refund an item from the patron's order. If you are looking for info on how to refund an item, refer to this help doc: How to refund an item.

There are two types of exchanges: straight exchange or an up/down exchange

Straight Exchange = Exchanging tickets for other tickets. For example, the patron purchased tickets to Friday and wants to exchange the tickets to Saturday.

** In this exchange type, the total will equal the amount paid by the patron in the original order (there will be $0.00 due at the end of the order).

Up / Down Exchange = Exchanging tickets to higher or lower-priced tickets. This exchange type will result in a recalculation of the order and the patron will either be refunded the difference or will have a balance due. 

** NOTE: Some payment gateways (for example do not support same-day partial refunds. If your gateway does not support same-day partial refunds, you will need to either wait 24 hours and then do a partial refund, or you will need to cancel the order and reprocess.

 How To Process A Straight Exchange: 

How To Process A Partial Refund Or Upsell: